Francis Provost
For quality first work

I'm Francis Provost a Fullstack developer with a preference for Front-End. I pay close attention to details to maximize the user experience and the developer experience with the code I produce and good pratices that I can implement


  • Centre de Recherche du Centre hospitalier Sainte-Justine

    November 2020 - TodayFront-end Developer

  • Vertigo Innovation / Chrono Innovation

    January 2019 - November 2020Fullstrack Developer

  • Sweet IQ

    July 2019 - March 2020Front-End Developer - Contractor

  • Solutions Medias 360

    April 2014 - December 2018Fullstrack Developer & Front-End Technical Lead


  • Front-End

    JavaScript, TypeScript, React, HTML, CSS

  • Testing

    React Testing Library, Jest, Enzyme,

  • Back-End

    Node.JS, Java


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